Vision & Mission


We have a dream at B.K.M. High School – A dream to help each child to grow at his/her individual pace amidst on atmosphere where traditional values co-exist with modern technology and mentor each child to be an Achiever in life.


To inspire, Encourage and Guide our students to

Nurture :
Discover, value and Nurture the individuals area of excellence.

Thinker :
Be a creative, innovative and logical thinker.

Discipline :
Practice self-discipline, be organised and lead a healthy and balanced life.

Leader :
Imbibe strong ethics, rational decision making and leadership
with a sense of team work.

Integrity :
Adhering to the principles and righteousness.

Learner :
Take responsibility for learning, develop intellect curiosity
and become life-long learners.

Communication :
Think, Speak and write with precision, clarity and independence

Perseverance :
The tenacity to hold on to your aspirations against all odds.

Empathy :
Understand others perspective and grow along.